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Xinhua:Complete crocodile fossil unearthed in NE China

  CHANGCHUN, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Fossils of a complete crocodile and bones belonging to at least six different dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period, 145 to 66 million years ago, have been excavated in northeast China's Jilin Province.
  After a year of preparation, paleontologists from Chinese Academy of Science...
Nature: How China is rewriting the book on human origins

  Fossil finds in China are challenging ideas about the evolution of modern humans and our closest relatives.
  12 July 2016
  The reconstructed skull of Peking Man, the fossil that launched discussions of human origins in China.
  On the outskirts of Beijing, a small limestone mountain...
Primate fate: Chinese fossils illuminate key evolutionary period
By Will DunhamReuters May 6, 2016
  The left lower jaw of Yunnanadapis folivorus, one of six new fossil primate species found in southern China, is pictured in this undated handout photo. Xijun Ni/Chinese Academy of Sciences/Handout via Reuters
  By Will Dunham
  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A treasure trove of foss...
冰河时代现代人印象图 Stefano Ricci提供2.jpg China Daily:Research Shows DNA Dating back 45,000 Years Ago

  Interspecies sex between ancient humans and Neanderthals – a relative of our ancestors who had smaller figure and low, flat, elongated skulls like dwarfs in the in The Lord of the Rings – had given 1.6 to 1.8 percent Neanderthals' gene to every one in Europe and Asia nowadays.
  An International research te...
LiveScience:Tiny Bird Fossil Solves Big Mystery About Life After Dinosaurs

  A teeny-tiny fossilized bird skeleton is helping researchers understand the explosive rate at which birds diversified after the dinosaur age, new research shows.
  The newfound skeleton dates back to about 62.5 million to 62 million years ago, making it the oldest known modern bird specimen in North America t...
Hami_pterosaur.jpg China Daily:Pterosaurs take flight from the sands of time

  The discovery of a number of fossils at a site in northwestern China was a closely guarded secret for nearly 10 years. Now, the ancient relicts are set to go on display, as Cheng Yingqi reports from Hami prefecture, the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
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Nature:Palaeontology: Tracing the backbone in China's rocks

  Xu Xing relishes a bilingual book on the evolution of vertebrate life in his fabulously fossil-rich country.From Fish to Human: The March of Vertebrate Life in China
  Corwin Sullivan, Wang Yuan and Brian Choo Popular Science: 2015. ISBN: 9787110089378
  Buy this book: US UK Japan
  China's rich fossil re...
始今鸟复原图3.jpg Feathered fossils from China reveal dawn of modern birds

  By Michael Balter
  Put yourself on the planet 130 million years ago. Most of the animals, from horned dinosaurs to swimming, predatory plesiosaurs, would be deeply alien, not to say terrifying. But rising from the wetlands and winging across the sky were birds startlingly like today’s. That’s the message f...
Artist’s impression of the new dinosaur Yi qi2.jpg Scientists Discover Pigeon-size Dinosaur With Bat Wings
By Will Dunham, Reuters WASHINGTON - Scientists in China on Wednesday described one of the weirdest flying creatures ever discovered, a pigeon-size dinosaur with wings like a bat that lived not long before the first birds. The dinosaur, named Yi qi (meaning "strange wing" in Mandarin and pronounced EE-chee), lived a...
Artist’s impression of the new dinosaur Yi qi2.jpg Bat-Winged Dinosaur Discovery Poses Flight Puzzle

  A newly described tiny creature has forelimb bones thought to support aerofoil membranes May 1, 2015 |By Sid Perkins and Nature magazine
  A small, feathered dinosaur that probably sported bat-like wing membranes might have been able to glide or fly short distances. The fossilized remains of the creature, une...
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