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Genome-wide Data from a 40,000-year-old Man in China Reveals Complicated Genetic History of Asia
  The biological makeup of humans in East Asia is shaping up to be a very complex story, with greater diversity and more distant contacts than previously known, according to a new study [1] in Current Biology analyzing the genome of a man that died in the Tianyuan Cave near Beijing, China 40,000 years ago. His bones had enough DNA ...
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Research on <i>Gomphotherium</i> Research on Gomphotherium

  For a long time, gomphotheres are considered to be the key link in proboscidean evolution. They are deemed as the ancestral stock of the true elephantids surviving now. The origins of stegodontids, rhynchotheres and cuvieroniines are believed...
New progress of research on fossil <i>Equus</i> New progress of research on fossil Equus

  Stenonid horse is the earliest Equus in Eurasia. The first occurrence of stenonid horse in Eurasia was regarded as the sign of the lower boundary of the Quaternary. The appearance, evolution and dispersal of the stenonid horses were contempor...
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Xinhua:Complete crocodile fossil unearthed in NE China Xinhua:Complete crocodile fossil unearthed in N...

  CHANGCHUN, June 9 (Xinhua) -- Fossils of a complete crocodile and bones belonging to at least six different dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period, 145 to 66 million years ago, have been excavated in northeast China's Jilin Province.
  After ...
Nature:Teeth from China Reveal an Early Human Trek out of Africa Nature:Teeth from China Reveal an Early Human T...
"Stunning" find shows that Homo sapiens reached Asia around 100,000 years ago
  By Ewen Callaway, Nature magazine
  These 47 human teeth, dated to 80,000-120,000 years ago, were found in a limestone cave system in Daoxian, China. Credit: S. Xi...
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