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Middle Triassic Fossils Reveal How Flying Fish Started to Glide
  Modern flying fish are remarkable for leaping from the water to glide in the air using long, winglike fins, presumably to escape aquatic predators. This extraordinary gliding strategy, unlike those in terrestrial gliders, is energetically very expensive and has otherwise been hypothesized to occur only in a single stem group of th...
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Large Cutting Tools from Central China May Support the existence of the true Acheulean techno-complex in East Asia Large Cutting Tools from Central China May Supp...

  Current research on Large Cutting Tools (LCTs) in East Asia, mainly China and South Korea, has provided some new interpretations for the “Acheulean” in this region. Interpretations of the origins of LCT industries in Asia differ according t...
First Known Skull of the Muntjak <EM>Eostyloceros</EM> Found in China First Known Skull of the Muntjak Eostyloceros F...
Dr. DENG Tao from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and his colleagues reported a new species of the muntjak Eostyloceros in the journal of Zootaxa 3893 (3) recently. The new species, Eosty...
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First 3D pterosaur eggs found with their parents First 3D pterosaur eggs found with their parents

  This image depicts ecological reconstructions of Hamipterus. Credit: Chuang Zhao
  Researchers have discovered the first three-dimensionally preserved pterosaur eggs in China. The eggs were found among dozens, if not hundreds, of pterosaur ...
Stunning fossil eggs provide insight on ancient flying reptiles Stunning fossil eggs provide insight on ancient...

  By By Will Dunham June 5, 2014 12:23 PM
  An artist rendition depicts ecological reconstructions of Hamipterus, the flying reptiles that lived …
  WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A spectacular fossil find in China - a prehistoric egg extravaganza...
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