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International Symposium on Paleoanthropology in Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Discovery of the First Skullcap of Peking Man
  December 2-4, 2019, Beijing
  December 2, 2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the discovery of the first skullcap of Peking Man. Significant progress has been made in retrieving and studying human fossils and Paleolithic cultural remains from China and surrounding regions in recent years; notable advances in an...
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New Species of Lizard Found in Stomach of Microraptor New Species of Lizard Found in Stomach of Micro...

  A team of paleontologists led by Prof. Jingmai O’Connor from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with researchers from the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature, have ...
New Jurassic Non-avian Theropod Dinosaur Sheds Light on Origin of Flight in Dinosauria New Jurassic Non-avian Theropod Dinosaur Sheds ...

  A new Jurassic non-avian theropod dinosaur from 163 million-year-old fossil deposits in northeastern China provides new information regarding the incredible richness of evolutionary experimentation that characterized the origin of flight in t...
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Xinhua:Ancient fossil clarifies Sumatran striped rabbits' origin Xinhua:Ancient fossil clarifies Sumatran stripe...

  BEIJING, July 24 (Xinhua) -- Researchers have made new discoveries about the origin of Sumatran striped rabbits from a 6.2 million-year-old fossil, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).
  Sumatran striped rabbits generally hav...
Xinhua:New lizard species found in flying dinosaur fossil Xinhua:New lizard species found in flying dinos...

  BEIJING, July 16 (Xinhua) -- Chinese scientists have identified a new species of lizard from a fossil specimen of a Microraptor, a flying dinosaur living in the early Cretaceous period.
  Microraptor is one of the world's smallest carnivoro...
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