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Update time: 04/29/2015
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   Faculty and students of IVPP are housed mainly in a new 7-floored building and a 5-floored building at 142 Xizhimenwai Street, Beijing. Facilities include laboratories, fossil and extant vertebrate collection (including fossil human and Paleolithic collection ), library, public education and exhibition hall—the Paleozoological Museum of China, and offices.  

   3D Micro-computed tomography(finger1 and figer2) is a new micro-focus X-ray imaging principle of ultra-high-resolution three-dimensional imaging device。You can obtain high-precision three-dimensional image and it can show a detailed three-dimensional information within the sample that you dot not destroy the case of the sample. The technology can be widely used in medicine, pharmacy, materials science, industrial(Quality Supervision, Inspection and testing of various devices)、Agriculture (timber and seed quality testing and analysis)、Engineering (building material internal porosity, connectivity and permeability analysis)、Jewelry (fake identification and the best cutting program design)、Paleontology and archeology (germ-line identification, structure and composition of fossil analysis) and other areas.




Fingure2   225 Micro CT  


Fingure3   Scanning microscope


Fingure4   X-ray machine


Fingure5 Auto-cutting machine          Fingure6 Cutting and grinding machine

Fingure7   Laser microscope


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