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   Ever since the beginning years of the Cenozoic Research Laboratory (established in 1929), the IVPP has been well known for its international flavor, from its early research associates and collaborators such as Teilhard de Chardin, to almost all of the world’s leading vertebrate paleontologists and paleoanthropologists today.

   International collaborations and exchanges have developed rapidly during the recent years. The institute has established collaborations with more than 20 countries worldwide, mainly on the studies of early vertebrates, fossil reptiles, dinosaurs and birds, terrestrial mammals, origin of early hominids and their environmental background. Most IVPP scientists have had some experiences of studying or working in other countries. Eight postdocs from the US, Japan, England, and France have worked at the institute in recent years. We have also collaborated with many international institutions or universities to educate graduate students. The IVPP will continue its efforts to provide the funding opportunities for international post- and pre-doctorial students, and seek to co-sponsor and train international graduate students with the institutions overseas. 

The Camps of Sino-Soviet Project in 1960's


Work lunch in the field of Sino-Soviet Expedition in 1960's



The basal camp of CCDP at the Jiangjunmiao Gobi of Junggar Basin in 1987,  close to several important dinosaur localities



CCDP fieldwork in the Jiangjunmiao Gobi in 1987

Members of CCDP in 1987

The Bilateral Program in Paleosciences between South Africa and China (2008~)

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