Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 42, 2004


Issue 4

Lagomorphs from the Yihesubu Late Eocene of Nei Mongol ( Inner Mongolia).
MENGJin , HU Yao-Ming. Pages 261-275

Mammal fossils from Yagou , Linxia Basin , Gansu , and related stratigraphic problems.
QIU Zhan-Xiang , WANG Ban-Yue , DENG Tao. Pages 276-296 

On some species of Prosiphneus (Siphneidae , Rodentia) and the origin of Siphneidae.
ZHENG Shao-Hua , ZHANG Zhao-Qun , CUI Ning. Pages 297-315 

Late Miocene Hipparion (Equidae ,Mammalia)of Eastern Qaidam Basin in Qinghai , China.
DENG Tao , WANG Xiao-Ming. Pages 316 -333 

Brontotheres (Perissodactyla , Mammalia) from the Middle Eocene of Lunan , Yunnan.
HUANG Xue-Shi , ZHENG Jia-Jian. Pages 334-339 

A Consideration of the Paleontological Contributions of Will Downs with a General Correlation of Chinese Neogene localities.
Catherine BADGLEY , Lawrence J. FLYNN, Louis L. JACOBS, Louis H. TAYLOR. Pages 340-344

Issue 3

Indricotheres (Perissodactyla, Mammalia) from Oligocene in Linxia Basin, Gansu, China
QIU Zhan-Xiang, WANG Ban-Yue, DENG Tao. Pages 177-192

Gerbillids from the Late Miocene Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi.
QIU Zhu-Ding, ZHENG Shao-Hua, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 193-204

Lantiantragus gen. nov. (Urmiatheriinae, Bovidae, Artiodactyla) from the Bahe Formation, Lantian, China.
CHEN Guan-Fang, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 205-215

New material of the Neogene rhinocerotids from the Qaidam Basin in Qinghai, China.
DENG Tao, WANG Xiao-Ming. Pages 216-229

Fossil Leporids (Mammalia , Lagomorpha) from Huainan, Anhui , China.
J IN Chang-Zhu. Pages 230-245

New Early Pleistocene mammalian materials from Zhongdian, Yunnan Province, China.
MA Xue-Ping, LI Gang, GAO Feng, SUN Yuan-Lin, ZHENG Liang. Pages 246-258

Issue 2

Early carboniferous fishes ( Acanthodian, Actinopterygians and Chondrichthyes) from the east sector of north Qilian Mountain, China——Carboniferous fish sequence from the east sector of north Qilian Mountain ( 1).
WANGNian-Zhong, JIN Fan, WANG Wei. Pages 89-110

A new dromaeosaur (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Western Liaoning.
XU Xing, WANG Xiao-Lin. Pages 111-119

A nearly complete skeleton of Ikechosaurus Pijiagouensis sp. nov. (Reptilia: Choristodera) from the Jiufotang Formation (Lower Cretaceous) Of Liaoning, China.
LIU Jun. Pages 120-129

Discovery of early Oligocene mammalian fossils from Danghe area, Gansu, China.
Wang Ban-Yue, QIU Zhan-Xiang. Pages 130-143

New materials of Tungurictis ( Hyaenidae, Carnivora) from Tunggur Formation, Nei Mongol.
WANG Xiao-Ming. Pages 144-153

A new Eubrachythoracid Arthrodire from the Upper Devonian of Hunan, China.
WANG Jun-Qing, ZHU Min. Pages 154-161

A new species of Bishanopliosaurus from Middle Jurassic of Zigong, Sichuan.
GAO Yu-Hui, YE Yong, J IANG Shan. Pages 162-165

A New Oospecies of the dinosaur eggs (Dictyoolithus) from Laiyang, Shandong Province.
LIU Jin-Yuan, ZHAO Zi-Kui. Pages166-170

Fossil lizards of Qinling Mountains.
LI Yong-Xiang, XUE Xiang-Xu, LIU Hu-Jun. Pages 171-176

Issue 1

A new Nothosaur from Middle Triassic of Guizhou, China.
LI Jin-Ling, RIEPPEL Olivier. Pages 1-12

A new Paleocene Tillodont (Tillodontia, mammalia) from Qianshan, Anhui, with a review of Paleocene Tillodonts from China.
WANG Yuan-Qing, J IN Xun. Pages 13-26

Olbitherium millenariusum , a new perissodactyl-like archaic ungulate (mammalia) from the Early Eocene Wutu Formation, Shandong.
TONG Yong-Sheng, WANG Jing-Wen, Meng Jin. Pages27-38

Cricetid (Rodentia ,Mammalia) remains from the Middle Eocene of Yuanqu,Shanxi.
HUANG Xue-Shi. Pages 39-44

Cenozoic stratigraphic sequence of the Linxia Basin in Gansu, China and its evidence from mammal fossils.
DENG Tao, WANG Xiao-Ming, NI Xi-Jun, LIU Li-Ping, LIANG Zhong. Pages45-66

Murids from the Late Miocene Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi.
QIU Zhu-Ding, ZHENG Shao-Hua, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 67-76

Parakannemeyeria chengi sp. nov. from Kelamayi Formation of Jimusar, Xinjiang.
LIU Jun. Pages 77-80

Biostratigraphy of tertiary fossil fishes from Ningming Basin, Guangxi.
CHEN Geng-Jiao, CHEN Yun-Fa, KUANG Guo-Dun, ZHU Qiu-Ping. Pages 81-85

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