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Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 54, 2016
Update time: 03/01/2016
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Issue 4

A new microraptorine specimen (Theropoda: Dromaeosauridae) with a brief comment on the evolution of compound bones in theropods

XU Xing, LI Feng. Pages 269-285

Sciurid remains from the Late Cenozoic fissure-fillings of Fanchang, Anhui, China

QIU Zhu-Ding, JIN Chang-Zhu. Pages 286-301

A skull of Machairodus horribilis and new evidence for gigantism as a mode of mosaic evolution in machairodonts (Felidae, Carnivora) 
DENG Tao, ZHANG Yun-Xiang, Zhijie J. TSENG, HOU Su-Kuan. Pages 302-318

The first discovery of Urmiatherium (Bovidae, Artiodactyla) from Liushu Formation, Linxia Basin
SHI Qin-Qin, WANG Shi-Qi, CHEN Shao-Kun, LI Yi-Kun. Pages 319-331

New materials of micromammal fossils from Longyadong Cave in Luonan Basin, Shaanxi, central China 
LI Yong-Xiang, HU Song-Mei, WANG She-Jiang, ZHANG Yun-Xiang. Pages 332-350

On the geological age of mammalian fossils from Shanmacheng, Gansu Province
ZHANG Zhao-Qun, WANG Jian. Pages 351-357

 Issue 3

Dentition of Subengius mengi (Mammalia: Plesiadapoidea) and a reassessment of the phylogenetic relationships of Asian Carpolestidae
K. Christopher BEARD, NI Xi-Jun, WANG Yuan-Qing, MENG Jin, Daniel L. GEBO. Pages 181-211

Paleocene faunal evolution at Polecat Bench in the northern Bighorn Basin of Wyoming, USA
Philip D. GINGERICH. Pages 212-234

Presence of the calcaneal canal in basal Glires
ZHANG Zhao-Qun, LI Chuan-Kui, WANG Jian, WANG Yuan-Qing, MENG Jin. Pages 235-242

Taxonomic revision of lizards from the Paleocene deposits of the Qianshan Basin, Anhui, China
DONG Li-Ping, Susan E. EVANS, WANG Yuan. Pages 243-268


Issue 2

A synopsis of Paleocene stratigraphy and vertebrate paleontology in the Qianshan Basin, Anhui, China 
WANG Yuan-Qing, LI Chuan-Kui, LI Qian, LI Ding-Sheng. Pages 89-120

A new mimotonidan Mina hui (Mammalia, Glires) from the Middle Paleocene of Qianshan, Anhui, China
LI Chuan-Kui, WANG Yuan-Qing, ZHANG Zhao-Qun, MAO Fang-Yuan, MENG Jin. Pages 121-126 

The incisor enamel microstructure of Mina hui (Mammalia, Glires) and its implication for the taxonomy of basal Glires  
MAO Fang-Yuan, LI Chuan-Kui, WANG Yuan-Qing, LI Qian, MENG Jin. Pages 137-155

A revision of Anhuichelys Yeh, 1979, the earliest known stem Testudinidae (Testudines: Cryptodira) from the Paleocene of China 
TONG Hai-Yan, LI Lu, LI Ding-Sheng, CHEN Li-Min, LI Tao, YU Shu-Hua, YU Guo-Sheng, CHENG Xiao-Qing, DI Ye-Li, Julien CLAUDE. Pages 156-179

Issue 1 

Morphology and taxonomy of Gazella (Bovidae, Artiodactyla) from the Late Miocene Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi Province, China 
ZHANG Zhao-qun, YANG Rui. Pages 1-20 

New record of a haplocyonine amphicyonid in early Miocene of Nei Mongol fills a long-suspected geographic hiatus 
WANG Xiao-ming, WANG Hong-jiang, JIANGZUO Qi-gao. Pages 21-35 

Restudy of the Late Oligocene dormice from northern Junggar Basin
WU Wen-Yu, MENG Jin, YE Jie, NI Xi-Jun, BI Shun-Dong
. Pages 36-50

Female preference promotes asynchronous sex evolution in Elephantiformes
Wang Shi-Qi, Deng Tao. Pages 51-66 

A New Hadrosauroid Dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Tianzhen, Shanxi Province, China
Xu Shi-Chao, You Hai-Lu, WANG Jia-Wei, Wang Suo-Zhu, Yi Jian, Jia Lei. Pages 67-78 

A new type of dinosaur eggs from Early Cretaceous of Gansu Province, China
Xie Jun-Fang, Zhang Shu-Kang, Jin Xing-Sheng, Li Da-Qing, Zhou Ling-Qi. Pages 79-88


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