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Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 52, 2014
Update time: 01/21/2014
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Issue 4        

The discussion on some problems in galeaspids (Agnatha)
LIU Yu-Hai, GAI Zhi-Kun, ZHU Min. Pages 349-363

 Pteronisculus nielseni sp. nov., a new stem-actinopteran fish from the Middle Triassic of Luoping, Yunnan Province, China
XU Guang-Hui, SHEN Chen-Chen, ZHAO Li-Jun. Pages 364-380

The age of Triassic marine reptile Kwangsisaurus orientalis (Sauropterygia) from Wuming, Guangxi, China
SHANG Qing-Hua, LIU Jun, XU Guang-Hui, WANG Li-Ting. Pages 381-389

A new sauropod dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of Huangshan, Anhui Province
HUANG Jian-Dong, YOU Hai-Lu, YANG Jing-Tao, REN Xin-Xin. Pages 390-400

New chalicothere materials from the Late Miocene of Fugu, Shaanxi, China
XUE Xiang-Xu, DENG Tao, Margery C. COOMBS, ZHANG Yun-Xiang. Pages 401-426

New material of Acerorhinus yuanmouensis from the Upper Miocene hominoid fauna of the Yuanmou Basin, Yunnan, China
LU Xiao-Kang, JI Xue-Ping, GAO Feng, LI Yi-Kun, DUAN Mei.
Pages 427-439

Rootless myospalacines from Upper Pliocene to Lower Pleistocene of Wenwanggou section, Lingtai, Gansu
LIU Li-Ping, ZHENG Shao-Hua, CUI Ning, WANG Li-Hua.
Pages 440-466

Restudy of Metailurus major from Yushe Basin, Shanxi Province reported by Teilhard de Chardin and Leroy
LI Yu. Pages 467-485


Issue 3

A Late Miocene Ursavus skull from Guanghe, Gansu, China

QIU Zhan-Xiang, DENG Tao, WANG Ban-Yue. Pages 265-302


Late Miocene Cervavitus novorossiae (Cervidae, Artiodactyla) from Lantian, Shaanxi Province

WANG Li-Hua, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 303-315


New materials of the Late Miocene Muntiacus from Zhaotong hominoid site in southern China

DONG Wei,JI Xue-Ping, Nina G. JABLONSKI, Denise F. SU, LI Wen-Qi. Pages 316-327


The Jiyuan tetrapod fauna of the Upper Permian of China—2. stratigraphy, taxonomical review, and correlation

LIU Jun, XU Li, JIA Song-Hai, PU Han-Yong, LIU Xiao-Ling. Pages 328-339

Earliest records of dinosaur footprints in Xinjiang, China
XING Li-Da, Martin G. LOCKLEY, WANG Qi-Fei, LI Zhong-Dong, Hendrik KLEIN, W. Scott PERSONS IV, YE Yong, Masaki MATSUKAWA. Pages 340-348


Issue 2

Tooth crown formation time in three Asian coryphodontids, and its implications for identifying living analogues
MAO Fang-Yuan, WANG Yuan-Qing, MENG Jin, JIN Xun. Pages 153-170 

A new species of crown-antlered deer Stephanocemas (Cervidae, Artiodactyla) from the Middle Miocene of the Linxia Basin in Gansu, China
DENG Tao, LU Xiao-Kang, SHI Qin-Qin, SUN Bo-Yang, WANG Shi-Qi. Pages 170-182

Gomphotheriuminopinatum, a basal Gomphotherium species from the Linxia Basin, China, and other Chinese members of the genus
WANG Shi-Qi. Pages 183-200

New materials of Hippopotamodon (Artiodactyla, Mammalia) from southern China
Dong Wei, Zhang Li-Min. Pages 201-216

New Information on Hongshanornithidae (Aves: Ornithuromorpha) from a new subadult specimen
ZHENG Xiao-Ting, Jingmai K. O’CONNOR, WANG Xiao-Li, ZHANG Xiao-Mei, WANG Yan. Pages 217-232

Changpeipus (theropod) tracks from the Middle Jurassic of the Turpan Basin, Xinjiang, Northwest China: review, new discoveries, ichnotaxonomy, preservation and paleoecology
XING Li-Da, Hendrik KLEIN, Martin G. LOCKLEY, Andreas WETZEL, LI Zhong-Dong, LI Jian-Jun, Gerard D. GIERLIŃSKI, ZHANG Jian-Ping, Masaki MATSUKAWA, Julien D. DIVAY, ZHOU Long. Pages 233-259


Issue 1

In memory of Larry Dean Martin (1943-2013)
ZHOU Zhong-He. Pages 1-2

Reinterpretation of the Early Cretaceous maniraptoran (Dinosauria: Theropoda) Zhongornis haoae as a scansoriopterygid-like non-avian, and morphological resemblances between scansoriopterygids and basal oviraptorosaurs.
Jingmai K. O’CONNOR Corwin SULLIVAN. Pages 3-30

A new diverse enantiornithine family (Bohaiornithidae fam. nov.) from the Lower Cretaceous of China with information from two new species
Appendix_1, Appendix_2
WANG Min, ZHOU Zhong-He, Jingmai K. O’CONNOR, Nikita V. ZELENKOV. Pages 31-76

A subadult specimen of Pengornis and character evolution in Enantiornithes
HU Han, ZHOU Zhong-He, Jingmai K. O’CONNOR. Pages 77-97

Large anseriform (Aves: Anatidae: Romainvilliinae?) fossils from the Late Eocene of Xinjiang, China
Thomas A. STIDHAM, NI Xi-Jun. Pages 98-111

The histology of two female Early Cretaceous birds
Jingmai K. O’CONNOR, WANG Min, ZHENG Xiao-Ting, WANG Xiao-Li, ZHOU Zhong-He.  Pages 112-128

A behavioral analysis of fossil bird tracks from the Haman Formation (Republic of Korea) shows a nearly modern avian ecosystem
Appendix_1, Appendix_2, Appendix_3, Appendix_4, Appendix_5, Appendix_6, Appendix_7, Appendix_8

Amanda R. FALK, Jong-Deock LIM, Stephen T. HASIOTIS. Pages 129-152


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