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Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 31, 1993
Update time: 09/26/2010
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Issue 4

A review of Longdeichthys (Teleostei: ?Clupeocephala) from northern China.
Jin Fan, Zhang Jiangyong, Zhou Zhonghe. Pages 241-256

An ankylosaur (ornithischian dinosaur) from the Middle Jurassic of the Junggar Basin, China.
Dong Zhiming. Pages 257-266

Murid rodents from the Late Pliocene of Yangquan and Yuxian, Hebei.
Cai Baoquan, Qiu Zhuding. Pages 267-293

Note on some carnivorous remains from the Middle Oligocene of Ulantatal, Nei Mongol.
Huang Xueshi. Pages 294-303

First discovery of Middle Devonian galeaspids in China.
Pan Jiang, Ji Shu’an. Pages 304-307

A new species of Szechuanosaurus from the Middle Jurassic of Dashanpu, Zigong, Sichuan.
Gao Yuhui. Pages 308-314

Do the lateral fields exist in some galeaspids (jawless fishes)?
Liu Yuhai. Pages 315-322

Issue 3

Two new genera of Anagalidae (Anagalida, Mammalia) from the Paleocene of Qianshan, Anhui and the phylogeny of anagalids.
Hu Yaoming. Pages 153-182

New anthracothere materials from the Paleogene of Guangxi.
Zhao Zhongru. Pages 183-190

The skull, mandible and dentition of giant pandas (Ailuropoda): morphological characters and their evolutionary implications.
Huang Wanpo. Pages 191-207

Enamel structure of the equid cheek teeth from the Late Pleist ocene of Dalian, Liaoning.
Ouyang Lian, Xu Qinqi. Pages 208-216

A new fossil bird from Lower Cretaceous of Liaoning.
Hou Lianhai, Zhang Jiangyong. Pages 217-224

Geraspididae, a new family of Polybranchiaspidida (Agnatha) from Silurian of Northern Anhui.
Pan Jiang, Chen Liezu. Pages 225-230

Issue 2

First record of Late Cretaceous hypsilophodontid eggs from Bayan Manduhu, Inner Mongolia.
Zhao Zikui, Li Rong. Pages 77-84

A new specimen of Peipehsuchus teleorhinus from Ziliujing Formation of Daxian, Sichuan.
Li Jinling. Pages 85-94

A new bamboo rat from the Late Miocene of Yushe Basin.
Lawrence J. Flynn. Pages 95-101

New information on Brevirostrinae from the Nihewan Basin in Yuxian County, Hebei Province.
Zong Guanfu, Wei Qi. Pages 102-109

Anthracothere found in Sihong, Jiangsu.
Liu Guanbang, Zhang Chenghua. Pages 110-116

The Late Pleistocene Cervoidea (Artiodactyla) from Xianren Cave, Ji'an, Jilin.
Dong Wei, Jiang Peng. Pages 117-131

A new Mid-Jurassic sauropod (Klomelisaurus goliensis gen. et sp. nov.) from Xinjiang, China.
Zhao Xijin. Pages 132-138

The end of the dinosaurian era in the Nanxiong Basin.
Dale A. Russell. Donald E. Russell and Arthur R. Sweet. Pages 139-145

Issue 1

New Jurassic Ganoid fishes from Northwestern Gansu, China.
Su Dezao. Pages 1-14

Dermal Ossicles of Testudo from Ula Usu, Nei Mongol.
Ye Xiangkui, Qi Tao. Pages 15-18

A New Soricomorph (Mammalia, Insectivora) from the Early Eocene of Wutu Basin, Shandong, China.
Tong Yongsheng, Wang Jingwen. Pages 19-32

Cylindrodontidae (Rodentia, Mammalia) from the Middle Oligocene of Ulantatal, Nei Mongol.
Huang Xueshi. Pages 33-43

On a New Species of Pliocene Ursus (Carnivora: Ursidae) from Yinan, Shandong Province.
Li Yizheng. Pages 44-60

Late Cenozoic crocodilian fossils from Jiangsu.
Liu Guanbang, Chen Guikun. Pages 61-64

A new theropoda (Dilophosaurus sinensis sp. nov.) from Yunnan, China.
Hu Shaojin. Pages 65-69

In Memorial to Birger Bohlin.
Spencer. G. Lucas. Pages 74-75

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