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Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 45, 2007
Update time: 07/05/2010
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Issue 4
First discovery of deinothere in China.
QIU Zhan-Xiang, WANG Ban-Yue, LI Hong, DENG Tao, SUN Yan. Pages 261-277
Ganungulatum xincunliense, an artiodactyl-like mammal (Ungulata, Mammalia) from the Paleocene, Chijiang Basin, Jiangxi, China.
TING Su-Yin, MENG Jin, LI Qian, WANG Yuan Qing, TONG Yong-Sheng, Judith A. SCHIEBOUT, Paul L. KOCH, William C. CLYDE, Gabriel J. BOWEN. Pages 278-286
Issue 3
A new Late Jurassic docodont (Mammalia) from northeastern Xinjiang, China.
HU Yao-Ming, MENG Jin, James M. CLARK. Pages 173-194
New materials of Sinohippus fromGansu and Nei Mongol, China.
HOU Su-Kuan, DENG Tao, He Wen, CHEN Shan-Qin. Pages 213-231
Issue 2
Neogene climatic and biotic changes in Eastern Eurasia: preface.
Caroline A. E. STRÖMBERG, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 93-97
Paleodiets and paleoenvironments of Late Miocene gazelles from North China: Evidence from stable carbon isotopes.
Benjamin H. PASSEY, Jussi T. ERONEN, Mikael FORTELIUS, ZHANG Zhaoqun. Pages 118-127
Affinities and implications of new Miocene mammal footprints from Iran.
Majid MIRZAIE ATAABADI, Nasrollah ABBASSI. Pages 128-136
Palaeoecology of an Early-Middle Miocene lake in China: preliminary interpretations based on phytoliths from the Shanwang Basin.
Caroline A. E. STRÖMBERG, Else Marie FRIIS, LIANG Ming-Mei, Lars WERDELIN, ZHANG Yu-Liang. Pages 145-160
Late Quaternary microfaunas and paleoenvironmental changes recorded in core sediments of the Pearl River Delta, South China.
DONG Yi-Xin, LIU Chun-Lian, YIN Jia-Run, YANG Xiao-Qiang, Franz T. Fürsich, GAO Fang-Lei. Pages 161-172
Issue 1
Lunanosorex (Insectivora, Mammalia) from the Pliocene of North China.
JIN Chang-Zhu, SUN Cheng-Kai, ZHANG Ying-Qi. Pages 74-88
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