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Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 46, 2008
Update time: 06/17/2010
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Issue 4

First record of Late Eocene insectivores and chiropteres from Nei Mongol, China.
WANG Ban-Yue. Pages 259-276

Description of skull material of Machairodus horribilis Schlosser, 1903.
QIU Zhan-Xiang, Shi Qin-Qin LIU Jin-Yi. Pages 278-284

Late Miocene micromammals from the Qaidam Basin in the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau.
Qiu Zhu-Ding, Li Qiang. Pages 285-306

Late Miocene cricetids from the Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi Province.  
ZHANG Zhao-Qun, ZHENG Shao-Hua, LIU Li-Ping. Pages 307-316

Hindlimb bone proportions of Chinese Mesozoic birds and their implications for perching habits.
ZHANG Yu-Guang, TIAN Xiao-Yang, LI Zhi-Heng. Pages 317-329

Issue 3

An Early Devonian (Pragian) sarcopterygian from Zhaotong, Yunnan, China.
LU Jing, ZHU Min.  Pages 161-170

A new armored placodont from the Middle Triassic of Yunnan Province, southwestern China.
ZHAO Li-Jun, LI Chun, LIU Jun, HE Tao. Pages 171-177

A new genus and species of caudipterid dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation of western Liaoning, China.
HE Tao, WANG Xiao-Lin, ZHOU Zhong-He. Pages 178-189

A new species of the Late Miocene tapirs (Perissodactyla, Tapiridae) from the Linxia Basin in Gansu, China.
DENG Tao, HE Wen, CHEN Shan-Qin. Pages 190-209

Pliocene biostratigraphic sequence in the Nihewan Basin, Hebei, China.
LI Qiang,ZHENG Shao-Hua, CAI Bao-Quan. Pages 210-232

Early Pleistocene suid (Mammal) from the Dajushan, Huainan, Anhui Province (China).
DONG Wei. Pages 233-246

Issue 2

First record of primate fossils from Late Eocene in Eren Region, Nei Mongol, China
WANG Ban-Yue. Pages 81-89

The Neogene Dingshanyanchi Formation in northern Junggar Basin of Xinjiang and its stratigraphic implications.
MENG Jin, YE Jie, WU Wen-Yu, NI Xi-Jun, BI Shun-Dong. Pages 90-110

Sciurids and zapodids from the Late Miocene Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi.
QIU Zhu-Ding, ZHENG Shao-Hua, ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 111-123

The Dipodidae (jerboas) from Loc. 30 of Baode and their environmental significance.
LIU Li-Ping, ZHANG Zhao-Qun, CUI Ning, Mikael FORTELIUS. Pages 124-132

Fossil Hyaenidae (Mammalia: Carnivora) from Huainan, Anhui Province, China.
Zhijie Jack TSENG, JIN Chang-Zhu, LIU Jin-Yi, ZHENG Long-Ting, SUN Cheng-Kai. Pages 133-146

A new titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of Guangxi, China.
MO Jin-You, HUANG Chao-Lin, ZHAO Zhong-Ru, WANG Wei, XU Xing. Pages 147-165

The presence of a gigantic theropod in the Jurassic Shishugou Formation, Junggar Basin, western China.
XU Xing, James M. CLARK. Pages 157-160

Issue 1

Early explorations of Tabenbuluk region (western Gansu Province) by Birger Bohlin- Reconciling classic vertebrate fossil localities with modern stratigraphy.
WANG Xiao-Ming, WANG Ban-Yue, QIU Zhan-Xiang. Pages 1-19

Additional rodent material from Houldjin Formation of Erenhot, Nei Mongol, China.
WANG Ban-Yue. Pages 21-30

Late Pleistocene Artiodactyla (Mammalia) from the Lingjing Site, Xuchang, Henan Province (China).
DONG Wei, LI Zhan-Yang. Pages 31-50

Late Pleistocene mammalian fossils from the Xitaiping Cave, Shidu, Beijing.
TONG Hao-Wen, ZHANG Shuang-Quan, LI Qing, XU Zhi-Jun. Pages 51-70

A new species of Dipnoi(Sarcopterygii, Osteichthyes) from Lower Devonian of Yunnan, China.
QIAO Tuo, ZHU Min. Pages 71-80

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