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Studies on Pterosaurs from China
Update time: 02/12/2014
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Chief Scientist: WANG Xiaolin

  The project is focused on the further study on the Jehol pterosaur fauna, analyzing the Cretaceous pterosaur phylogenetics, functional morphology, diet and habitat on the basis of systematic description and taxonomy, and to achieve a better understanding of the characteristics of the pterosaur biodiversity. The team will conduct field excavations at the newly discovered pterosaur sites in China in order to study the composition of the pterosaur fauna in the involved region and discuss the relationship between its mass burial and the paleoenvironment, as well as the correlation between this fauna and the neighboring Wuerho pterosaur fauna and the Jehol pterosaur fauna. The scientists will also investigate the origin and radiation of some pterosaur groups, and compare the Jehol pterosaur fauna with those of Laurasia and Gondwana in order to discuss the paleogeographic significance of some major pterosaur groups. Furthermore, a more comprehensive study on the pterosaur embryo and juvenile specimens will be conducted to further the understanding of the pterosaur development. In addition, the project will examine the integuments preserved in various pterosaur specimens to analyze its physiological implications. Finally, the team will summarize the Chinese pterosaur morphology, taxonomy, distribution, systematics and paleogeography, and complete the geochronological framework of its evolution.

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