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Studies on Jehol Biota
Update time: 02/06/2014
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Chief Scientist: ZHOU Zhonghe
Email: zhouzhonghe@ivpp.ac.cn   

    Based on previous studies and findings, this project aims to conduct a systematic and comprehensive study of the Jehol Biota, in order to achieve a better understanding of the biodiversity of this biota and its evolutionary and geological implications, to complete and detail the geochronological framework of its evolution, and to further investigate the evolutionary processes of Mesozoic vertebrates and their relationships to the paleoenvironmental background. Some of the major purposes of the project include: 1) On the basis of extensive field investigations and excavations of vertebrates in areas such as northern Hebei–southern Inner Mongolia, western Liaoning and Xinjiang, the team will systematically study important vertebrate taxa and their phylogeny in order to obtain a better understanding of their origin and early evolution; 2) By studying the process of the origin and radiation of the Jehol Biota, the scientists hope to revise or improve the hypothesis about its origin area and age; 3) The team hopes to further study the division and correlation of the Jiufotang Formation and other horizons by combining comprehensive stratigraphic, sedimentological and taphonomic studies of the Jehol Biota, and provide new perspectives into the reconstruction of the paleolakes and sedimentological background of the Jehol Biota; and 4) the team will study the biological responses of the Jehol Biota to global and regional geological events in the Early Cretaceous by focusing on the multidiscipline (e.g., paleontology, sedimentology, taphonomy, paleogeochronology, paleomagnetism and geochemistry) in order to further current understanding of the Early Cretaceous terrestrial ecosystem.

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