a galeaspid, Shuyu zhejiangensis, provides the first real evidence for the steps that led to the evolutionary origin of jawed vertebrates

Natural endocast of Shuyu zhejiangensis, Silurian of Zhejiang, China (IVPP V14334.5). (Image by Gai Zhi-kun)
Structure of nasal and hypophyseal region magnified from the boxed region of V14334.5:digital picture (Left); three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction (Right).(Image by GAI Zhi-kun)
Virtual endocast of Shuyu zhejiangensis (IVPP V14334.3). (Image by GAI Zhi-kun)
Restoration of external morphology of Shuyu zhejiangensis. (Image by GAI Zhi-kun)

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