Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 44, 2006


Issue 4

A new species of the thalattosaur genus Anshunsaurus (Reptilia: Thalattosauria) from the Middle Triassic of Guizhou Province, southwestern China.
Olivier RIEPPEL, LIU Jun, LI Chun. Pages285-296

Statistic analysis of the tarsometatarsus morphology of Mesozoic birds from western Liaoning, China and its implications.
ZHANG Yu-Guang, TIAN Xiao-Yang. Pages 297-306

Eomyids (Mammalia: Rodentia) from the Late Miocene Lufeng and Yuanmou hominoid localities, Yunnan.
QIU Zhu-Ding. Pages 307-319

The Plio-Pleistocene small mammals from Donggou section of Nihewan Basin, Hebei, China.
ZHENG Shao-Hua, CAI Bao-Quan, LI Qiang. Pages 320 -331

Early Pleistocene ruminants (mammals) from the Dajushan, Huainan, Anhui Province (China).
DONG Wei. Pages 332 -346

Hesperotherium sinense, a chalicothere (Perissodactyla,Mammalia) from the Early Pleistocene Liucheng Gigantopithecus Cave.
TONG Hao-Wen. Pages 347-365

Issue 3

A recommended boundary stratotype section for Xiejian Stage from northern Junggar Basin: Implications to related biochronostratigraphy and environmental changes.
MENG Jin,YE Jie,WU Wen-Yu, YUE Le-Ping, NI Xi-Jun. Pages 205-236

A new species of Nothosaurus from the early Middle Triassic of Guizhou,China.
SHANG Qing-Hua. Pages 237-249

New materials of Eocene Dinocerata(Mammalia) from the Erlian Basin,Nei Mongol (Inner Mongolia).
BAI Bin. Pages 250-261

Dynamics of the mammalian fauna in southern Siberia during the late Palaeolithic.
Diana PUSHKINA. Pages 262-273

A new anagalid (Anagalida, Mammalia) from the Paleocene of Nanxiong basin, Guangdong province.
HUANG Xue-Shi. Pages 274-277

Early Pleistocene takin fossil from China.
LI Xiao-Chen. Pages 278-282

Issue 2

Quaternary environmental changes and evolution of large mammals in North China.
QIU Zhan-Xiang. Pages 109-132

Chinese Late Neogene land mammal community and the environmental changes of East Asia.
ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 133-142

Chinese Neogene mammal biochronology.
DENG Tao. Pages 143-163

Faunal succession and biochronology of the Miocene through Pliocene in Nei Mongol(Inner Mongolia).
QIU Zhu-Ding, WANG Xiao-Ming,LI Qiang. Pages 164-181

Evolution of the Diatomyidae,an endemic family of Asian rodents.
Lawrence J. FLYNN. Pages 182-192

Review of recent advances on study of Mesozoic mammals in China.
WANG Yuan-Qing , HU Yao-Ming , LI Chuan-Kui. Pages 193-204

Issue 1

Phylogenetic relationships of galeaspids (Agnatha).
ZHU Min, GAI Zhi-Kun. Pages 1-27

An overview of Triassic fishes from China.
JIN Fan. Pages 28-42

Phylogeny of Osteoglossomorpha.
ZHANG Jiang-Yong. Pages 43-59

Advances in the study of fossil amphibians and squamates from China: the past fifteen years.
WANG Yuan, Susan E. Evans. Pages 60-73

Mesozoic birds of China--a synoptic review.
Zhou Zhong-He, Zhang Fu-Cheng. Pages 74-98

A brief summary of the Triassic marine reptiles of China.
LI Jin-Ling. Pages 99-108

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