Vertebrata PalAsiatica, Vol. 43, 2005


Issue 4

The first record of “eupantotherian” (Theria, Mammalia) fromthelate Early Cretaceous of western Liaoning, China.
Li Chuan-kui, Takeshi Setoguchi, Wang Yuan-qing, Hu Yao-ming, Chang Zheng-lu. Pages 245-255

Carnivora from the Late Miocene of Lantian, China.
Ki ANDERSSON, Lars WERDELIN. Pages 256-271

Dorcadoryx Teilhard et Trassaert, 1938 (Bovidae, Artiodactyla) from the Bahe Formation of Lantian, Shaanxi Province, China.
CHEN Guan-Fang. Pages 272-282

Note on four species of dipodids (Dipodidae, Rodentia) from the Late Miocene Bahe Formation, Lantian, Shaanxi.
LI Qiang, ZHENG Shao-Hua. Pages 283-296

Reconsideration of the generic assignment of “Pliopentalagus nihewanensis” from the Late Pliocene of Hebei, China.
Yukimitsu TOMIDA, JIN Chang-Zhu. Pages 297-303

A new species of Macrothyraspis (Galeaspida, Agnatha) from Wenshan, Yunnan, China.
WANG Jun-Qing, GAI Zhi-Kun, ZHU Min. Pages 304-311

A new species of Hsisosuchus from the Late Jurassic of Zigong, Sichuan, China.
PENG Guang-Zhao, SHU Chun-Kang. Pages 312-324

New Material of Bamalambda from Chijiang Basin in Jiangxi, China.
LI Qian. Pages 325-329

Issue 3

A new genus of eugaleaspids (Galeaspida, Agnatha) from the Silurian of Anji, Zhejiang, China.
GAI Zhi-Kun, ZHU Min. Pages 165-174

A new genus of sauropod from Zigong, Sichuan.
YE Yong, GAO Yu-Hui, JIANG Shan. Pages 175-181

A primitive ornithopod from the Early Cretaceous Quantou Formation of central Jilin, China.
ZAN Shu-Qin, CHEN Jun, JIN Li-Yong, LI Tao. Pages 182-193

New sciurids from the Miocene Shanwang Formation, Linqu, Shandong.
QIU Zhu-Ding, YAN Cui-Ling. Pages 194-207

Late Miocene Boselaphini (Bovidae, Artiodactyla) from Fugu, Shaanxi Province, China.
ZHANG Zhao-Qun. Pages 208-218

Age structure and habitat of the rhinoceros Chilotherium during the Late Miocene in the Linxia Basin, Gansu, China.
LIANG Zhong, DENG Tao. Pages 219-230

A new viverravid (Mammalia, Carnivora) from the Late Eocene of Tianyang, Guangxi.
HUANG Xue-Shi, ZHENG Jia-Jian. Pages 231-236

Beaver (Rodentia, Mammalia) fossils from Longdan, Gansu, China—Addition to the Early Pleistocene Longdan Mammalian Fauna (1).
WANG Ban-Yue. Pages 237-242

Significance of the dating of the Majuangou site for understanding Eurasian mammoth evolution.
WEI Guang-Biao, Adrian M. LISTER. Pages 243-244

Issue 2

New Oligocene sciurids and aplodontids ( Rodentia, Mammalia) from Mongolia.
WANG Ban-Yue, Demberelyin DASHZEVEG. Pages 85-99

Anchitheriumfrom the Middle Miocene Halamagai Formation of northern Junggar Basin, Xinjiang.
YE Jie,WU Wen-Yu,MENG Jin. Pages 100-109

Limb Bones of Elasmotherium( Rhinocerotidae, Perissodactyla) from Nihewan ( Hebei , China).
DENG Tao, ZHENG Min. Pages 110-121

Megantereonfossil remains from Renzidong Cave, Fanchang County , Anhui Province, China.
LIU Jin-Yi. Pages 122-134

Hystrix subcristata (Mammalia, Rodentia) from Tianyuan Cave, a human fossil site newly discovered near Zhoukoudian ( Choukoutien).
TONG Hao-Wen. Pages135-150 

Mesonychids from Lushi basin, Henan Province, China.
J IN Xun. Pages 151-164

Issue 1

A new triconodont (Mammalia) from the Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation of Liaoning , China
MENG Jin , HU Yao-Ming , WANG Yuan-Qing , LI Chuan-Kui. Pages 1-10 

A porcupine (Rodentia , Mammalia) from Lufengpithecus site , Lufeng , Yunnan
WANG Ban-Yue , QI Guo-Qin. Pages 11-23

Restudies in Sminthoides Schlosser , a fossil genus of three-toed jerboa from China
LI Qiang , QIU Zhu-Ding.Pages 24-35

Fossil equids (mammals) from the Tuozidong , Nanjing (China) and its significance
DONG Wei , FANG Ying-San. Pages 36-48 

Late Eocene-Early Oligocene lithological and biological stratigraphy in the Burqin Region of Xinjiang
YE Jie , MENG Jin , WU Wen-Yu , NI Xi-Jun. Pages 49-60 

New material of eugaleaspids from the Silurian of Changxing , Zhejiang , China , with a discussion on the eugaleaspid phylogeny.
GAI Zhi-Kun , ZHU Min , ZHAO Wen-Jin. Pages 61-75 

A new species of Sunosuchus from Zigong , Sichuan , China
FU Qian-Ming , MING Shu-Ying , PENG Guang-Zhao. Pages 76-83

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